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If you are a woman and you are looking to add speaking to your skill set then Joining Women Speakers Association is a must – Click the image to join as a Free Associate or Premier Member



I’ve been part of this online tribe of like-minded business women for 4 years & I’ve found it invaluable – too many amazing life & business resources to list here – just go & check it out – click the image it’ll take you there


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One thought on “RESOURCES

  1. I am so thrilled that I met Mary Joyce in the List-a-Palooza Challenge! She has given me a great sense of confidence in my abilities and reassurance of my own personal success.

    Mary Joyce is insightful, thoughtful and such a generous spirit that I have no doubt she will continue to be a great success both in the U.K., and abroad. I am grateful for her inspirational stories of women in business as they really do encourage me to strive to get more out of my chosen career path. Anyone with the desire to be inspired by relevant stories of challenge and triumph should not only seek her services and guidance, but stay tuned in to her Blog and engage with the lovely people she showcases and supports.

    Mary Joyce is truly a heart-centered, community loving, “ResourcesQueen”!

    Chef Ikeena Reed~
    Head Chef / Owner
    Keena’s Kitchen Catering & Event Services

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