sherrill fullerReally enjoyed my consultation with Mary Joyce (ResourcesQueen), she was able to offer a Fresh perspective on how to enhance the services provided in my consultancy and Ladies Business Movement. Looking forward to implementing the suggestions and loved that I actually felt stretched by the end of our session. Thank you again ResourcesQueen

Sherill Fuller Ladies Lets Talk Biz


lirone recentMary is Super Woman. Not only she is a mom, but she is a doer. She never stops working to invent herself and to help small business owners grow. Mary is a key person to me – she has helped me a lot in my career and I am grateful for that. I have been following Mary for a while and I constantly learn a lot from her material and courses. Mary is a professional, and makes it easy to connect to her and the way she conveys her material. I wish her all the best and highly recommend her services. Lirone Glikman – Business Networking Expert | Social Entrepreneur

triciaI highly recommend working with Mary, especially if you are looking to grow and stream line your business. We have worked together on numerous projects as well as she has given me guidance to attract clients and become even more visible. Tricia Dycka –



maria & Alina Follwing VIP Strategy DayMary Joyce has been working with our company – Collagen Colway – to grow our online presence, working with us on our marketing strategy.

We are already seeing the first positive outcome, and we are unbelievably excited by the prospects and taking advantage of all the possibilities that online visibility offers. I am sure Mary is the best person to help us achieve our goals.

Mary is:

  • Along with being very nice and approachable, she is results-driven.
  • Her service goes far beyond what is expected, as she puts all her mind and passion into each client’s business to understand it properly.
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Contagiously passionate about what she is doing and puts all her mind into it.
  • Well organised
  • A great strategist full of ideas and;
  • A networker connecting you with people that might be helpful for your business.

Now, we realize that we really missed out a lot by not building our online presence sooner.

Maria Luba-Muczko Collagen Colway Ltd

.Laura BookerCan you say CUTTING EDGE and EXPLODING WITH RESOURCES!!! @ResourceQueen handle suits Mary perfectly…every time I speak to her I learn something new!! Mary is one of the PLU – People Like US… that beautiful soul that you wish you could hug from the first time you speak to her. I often think about hopping the pond across the Atlantic to visit her in person! It’s an absolute please to work with Mary and you’d be luck to rub elbows with her too!! Grateful for WSA and that we get to work side by side! xo          Laura Booker – Word of Mouth Marketing Expert  –
Wow. What a fantastic 1:1 call for the 90 day program. Thank you so much Mary. So much clarity on areas I just couldn’t get clear on/make a decision about. Really appreciate your time.

Diane Ore –

“Thank you, Mary, for offering the ‘Grow Your Tribe 30 Day Challenge’.  Your support, brilliant ideas and help were invaluable, and helped me pull my social media together in a much more cogent and effective way. The effect has been immediate!”

Janet Roper
Animal Communicator and Host of Talk2theAnimalsRadio

 claudio olivosThank you SO much ResourcesQueen! Very informative. Personally, the most valuable thing I got out of it was “be consistent” with mailings~thanks for hitting on that topic! Super ‘logical’…. but I am guilty.

You know what takes me the longest to do when writing my newsletter? Coming up with an enticing title!   Claudia Olivos

My income from September to October increased by more than 200% and it’s looking like I will repeat that or top it this month. It was a combination of things, but I’m sure that my participation in the Grow Your Tribe challenge played a part. I am very grateful to Mary Joyce for sharing so many wonderful tips and I will continue to use them as much as I can! My Facebook likes tripled (that’s significant!),  I did make a lot of changes at once, so it’s hard to nail down what specifically came from this resources vs. the other tweaks I made, but overall I’m pleased and would recommend this 30-day challenge to others

Amy Scott Grant Spiritual Ass Kicker

chef ikeenaI am so thrilled that I met Mary Joyce! She has given me a great sense of confidence in my abilities and reassurance of my own personal success.

Mary Joyce is insightful, thoughtful and such a generous spirit that I have no doubt she will continue to be a great success both in the U.K., and abroad. I am grateful for her inspirational stories of women in business as they really do encourage me to strive to get more out of my chosen career path. Anyone with the desire to be inspired by relevant stories of challenge and triumph should not only seek her services and guidance, but stay tuned in to her Blog and engage with the lovely people she showcases and supports.

Mary Joyce is truly a heart-centered, community loving, “ResourcesQueen”!

Chef Ikeena Reed~
Head Chef / Owner
Keena’s Kitchen Catering & Event Services

You’re a SOUND business woman Mary Joyce and its great to feed into your business. You do your clients a great service of making their business work better. It’s certainly lacking in todays business community and there are so many resources that you’ve shared to make things run smoother.
PS REALLY enjoyed our interview the other day and looking forward to seeing it released on a wide scale to business owners throughout the globe who want to improve their businesses also
 Marsha Wright Business expert
It’s only been a month since you told me to launch a FaceBook fan page (even though my website is still in the making) and I have gotten SO many likes and leads and have already mentored so many women which have all had huge shifts in my sessions! My confidence has skyrocketed because of this! I feel on purpose and so aligned and not scared anymore to put myself out there. You were my driving force to just put myself out there and made it not scary but FUN for memo JUST DO IT! And that I did and am so so happy I did! I’ve grown sooooo much! I highly highly recommend conscious entrepreneurs to work with Mary you won’t only get real tools you will find yourself taking action and feeling so excited to do it rather than overwhelmed by being out of your comfort zone!
Incredible week this week I cannot believe how much I gave grown and how much has turned up on my plate! Wow wow wowey. Mary you have been key for helping me actualize all of this to me. Really YOU have. Your real no fuss no sparkly action steps for me were so simple and powerful and look what it’s brought me. You have to be the most no fuss, real steps for results coach I’ve
ever had! Soooo greatful Mary. God bless you and i thank the heavens I followed the calling to reach out for help and I said yes when you offered! Tanti baci!!! (many kisses in Italian!!) xxx Melissa Cuzzilla Rise Heal Transform -Helping New Mums Heal from Anxiety & Depression
“Mary has a knack of helping you to see things from a completely new perspective – things that you never knew were right in front of you! Infected by her positivity and enthusiasm, I left my session with Mary feeling inspired and motivated. If you are ready to take the next step in life, or just need that extra push, I would recommend that you join Mary’s Programs where you will benefit from the encouragement and support from like-minded souls. I know I’ll be there!”Haley Blackman  Yoga Teacher UK
I have had a really uplifting and thorough coaching session with Mary. She was sensitive to my needs and issues and has worked with me today to help me let go of the fears holding me back in my life . Timeline therapy and hypnosis was used to help me release some very difficult feelings and emotions and replace these with new positive confidence to go forward . I will definitely see her again and would recommend a session with this very empathic and intuitive coach . Kathy Obie
Mary is great to work with, her gentle nature and the amazing support Mary gives has given me a new out look on life , Mary has really inspired me to take action . She helped me put together a action  plan  of where I need to focus my attention to build my business. She has also taught me how to manage my money better by looking closely at my income and expenses
Thank you Mary you are simply the Best 🙂 Ermalinda Lynch Success Strategies
I found Mary through helping a friend and neighbour, it was fate ! I attended Mary’s coaching  course as my life was at a stand still and had been for a very long time, I’d say since I had my child as all my focus was placed on him and I lost all motivation, self esteem and self confidence, I just couldn’t get my act together, attending the course really helped me move forward, things are really starting to happen for me now.
The course enabled me to focus on what I wanted to do with my life and helped me regain my enthusiasm, self confidence and positivity. I have now set up my own Restaurant in North London, which until I got my confidence back was just a distant dream. Lisa  Guatelli – Cafe Granello
 “I cannot overstate the value of the Coaching sessions that I have had via the’ You can do it sessions’. It is a wonderfully simple, yet very powerful program on how best to look within to find the necessary strength and skills that are within me that I took for granted. The process helped me identify my unique value, differentiate myself from others, and gave me the ability to crisply communicate my value to others. The sessions have give me more confidence and self worth while gaining a better understanding of myself and my goals for the future. I highly recommend working with Mary, her positivity is infectious and certainly welcomed at the time I needed it.” ~ Manjula Nithiananthan


“I have been to Mary’s coaching sessions for the past few months. I am a mother and an entrepreneur who has a challenging life balancing work and family. Mary’s course enabled me to be grateful, think about my life from a different perspective and working in a group setting was both inspirational and motivational. I would urge any one who wants to make a change in their lives to attend. I know that if I need Mary that she will be there to support me.” Sofina  Athios

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  1. Great profile! I love the fact that you’re letting your clients speak for your services! Very clever and powerful! Cheers Mary and best of luck to you!

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