How to use Mobile Marketing for Coaches and Speakers With Bri Clark

Often times trainers and coaches create packages for their clients. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to add texts to those packages. And be able to schedule those texts?
Speakers wouldn’t you like to be at an event and utilize every single attendee just by having them text you?

As a woman who people find it hard to say no to Bri Clark is a wealth of innovative marketing energy. With a spitfire attitude heavily coated in her southern twang and manners she usually has you agreeing to something before you even understand what it is. However, the beauty is her strategies are always top notch, effective, and innovative. Because of her ability to get to know her clients in an authentic and intimate level she is the ultimate “Social Ghoster.” It would make sense she coined the phrase and created the strategy. It’s not often you mention something and Bri “knows” someone in that industry. Because of her outgoing personality, overflowing desire to serve others without thought for herself she’s literally made friends across the globe. So when she does ask for a favor from colleagues (usually for a client) people are happy to deliver.


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Stop the procrastination and expect success in all areas of life.

Begin experiencing greater joy, fun, and peace of mind in your life allowing abundance to flow freely and never have to worry or have anxiety about what will happen next.

Learn how to detach from drama and this help support happiness and personal effectiveness.

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5 Beliefs That Will Ensure You Never Achieve Success With Melanie Benson Strick

Each and every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with has one thing that sets them apart from everyone else. They have a set of beliefs that cause them to be willing to do the right things at the right time to achieve that next level of success.

Contrast that with a growing pool of people who are stuck, frustrated and constantly overwhelmed in their pursuit of success. Many well-meaning, passionate people have all the right ideas and no shortage of talent – but when it comes to profiting from their great work they feel perpetually trapped causing them to barely get by.

Its like there is a hidden barrier between where they are now and where they want to be. This barrier is their belief system. The struggling entrepreneurs belief system causes them to work way harder than they need to, make poor choices, procrastinate endlessly on important tasks, and stress out about money.

Here are five of the most common belief systems that cause smart, capable, heart-based entrepreneurs to fall short of their potential and feel hopelessly stuck (and miss the opportunity to prosper in their business.)

1. The amount of money available on this planet is limited.

If you believe on some level that there is a limited amount of money that can be accessed then on some level you will hold yourself back from accumulating wealth. Dan Kennedy in his book, “No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs” refers to this limiting belief as Wealth Inhibition.

Money is energy. Wealth is achieved by directing the flow of energy repeatedly towards the life, impact and dreams you have. An energetic alignment with unlimited wealth potential generates more wealth. But, on the other hand, if you have a belief that acquiring more money will ultimately lead to someone else’s demise, then you will unconsciously hold yourself back. Most of us don’t really want to negatively affect another person so you will inhibit your success by only doing enough to keep yourself from financial ruin.

2. I have to work hard to get ahead.

Ingrained deep inside our culture is the belief that we have to work hard to become successful. From our mid-west roots to the corporate upbringing that many of us started with, sacrificing our life to get more work done is a persistent belief holding many entrepreneurs hostage. The truth is that wealth is created from leverage – not more work.

You may achieve your first level of financial success with investing 100’s of hours a week on the grindstone. But you will not be able to continue to work that hard to achieve your next level of success. When you discover easy ways to leverage your time, money and resources you will see that you can attract 10 times the level of success you have now with a few simple tweaks.

3. Big success changes people for the worst.

We’ve all seen people we know turn into ugly monsters when they start making the big bucks. All of a sudden they are “too good for us” or become so money-hungry they hurt others in their obsession to make more money. But I’ve also seen just as many people do good things with their wealth.

Wealth is only a tool. How you use that tool is not dictated by how much money you have but by your values system. If you have unconsciously made a decision to avoid becoming wealthy so you aren’t “like them” then you are sabotaging your success potential. It’s time to unhook wealth and evil as partners and make a decision to do good things with the wealth that you attract.

4. I can’t be trusted with money.

If you have filed bankruptcy, accumulated significant debt, or took a big financial risk and failed, chances are you decided that you can’t be trusted with money. If you’ve formed this belief then all of your choices will unconsciously be to keep your bank account small. The truth is that you can learn how to be good with money. But if you unconsciously believe you can’t be trusted with it, you will always find ways to make it then lose it – fast!

In my MoneyDNA™ program, I help people dissolve their blocks to creating success while developing strong wealth attraction and management skills. Until you dissolve your sabotaging beliefs you probably won’t want to learn how to be better with money.

5. No one will pay this much for my offerings.

There is a fascinating phenomenon buried deep in our psyche. If we won’t spend money on it, on some level we believe that no one else will either. If you aren’t charging enough for your services you probably haven’t ever been willing to invest the equivalent in yourself. Deep down inside you don’t get how someone would pay what you’ve been unwilling to invest in the past. Then, unwittingly, we decide for others what they are willing to spend. You immediately discount or offer a lower price without ever giving the prospect a chance to say yes to your full fee.

You have basically decided for your prospect what they are willing to pay – based on your limited consciousness.

Here’s the good news. All of these beliefs are simply a limiting decision you made that can be reversed. In order for you to prosper and achieve great things beyond what you ever thought was possible you’ll need to make three new decisions:

1. You deserve to have huge success doing what you love most. You just have to be willing to do what works and stop doing what doesn’t.

2. Your ideal prospects can and will pay big money to have their needs met (especially if it can happen fast.) You just have to know who they really are and how to align your offerings with their search.

3. Money is just a tool to make things happen. The more money you learn to attract the faster you can make a bigger impact on this planet.

I hope you’ll join me and the thousands of entrepreneurs who are ready to grow beyond their wildest dreams and shift out of those old beliefs into ones that will support you in achieving unlimited impact, wealth and success.

Melanie Benson Strick, known as America’s Leading Authority on Optimum Performance, has a gift for guiding fast-paced, overwhelmed, driven entrepreneurs to thrive in their small business. With over 11 years mentoring thought leaders and big thinking entrepreneurs, Melanie is liberator – uncovering costly breakdowns and de-railers while re-energizing profits– ultimately freeing the entrepreneur to do more of what they do best.

Melanie has been on faculty with StomperNet as their delegation expert, spoke on stages across the globe, is co-author of’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business and has her success tips featured in magazines such as AmExpOPEN, Woman’s Day and the LA Times. Melanie is a proud lifestyle enthusiast and spends her free time in search of the best spas and beaches in the world.

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Stop the procrastination and expect success in all areas of life.

Begin experiencing greater joy, fun, and peace of mind in your life allowing abundance to flow freely and never have to worry or have anxiety about what will happen next.

Learn how to detach from drama and this help support happiness and personal effectiveness.

Seriously, you can’t afford to stand still in your business, and you can’t afford to miss these complimentary live training sessions.

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If You Can Manage Your Life, Why is “Time” Such a Headache? With Andrea Feinberg

Poor time; always taking the rap for your frustrations and disappointments at the end of the day. So you try to poke and pull at it with time management tricks that basically say ‘Work faster! Re-arrange your day! Get more done!’

Is this what ‘time management’ has felt like to you? This has never made much sense to me; why give control of your time to a clock that races you to the end of every over-stuffed day? The clock always wins, doesn’t it?

Time management is a myth and a diversion; I know you know what really needs management for this relationship to work out in your favor. Self-management will get the job done if you focus on priorities and these 3 options: either dump, delay, or delegate all else. Once you’ve allocated properly to those categories, the 4th choice is ‘do’. In its purest form, it would consist of those activities that advance your big goals in an efficient, bang-for-the-buck way (and sometimes, a meandering way, but you get the point: forward!)

Yet, your business is filled with minefields: other people’s emergencies, one-time-only ‘opportunities’, shiny objects, unexpected ideas – all these show up every day and can easily shred your schedule, turning your focus away from the main event: what you’d decided was THE priority for the day; MUST get done. This is a form of ‘business balance’, like ‘life balance’. The real success with that concept is not to give equal amounts of attention to each facet of life (health, finances, love, family, friends, spiritual pursuits, personal development, fun, etc.) Balance comes from giving each its due amount; that level of attention that avoids a sense of regret or stress that “I’m not handling X well.”

When you sacrifice any one element of your typical week – business/job, health, finance, love, friends, good health, family, spirit, etc. – your life is compromised and you feel it in the form of stress. That shows up all kinds of ways: headaches, stomach ache, sleepless nights, anxiety. You feel the imbalance keenly and will typically work towards finding a solution: attend to the ignored part of your life, reduce your focus elsewhere (I’m not addressing those infrequent needs or circumstances in which that simply can’t be helped; this past week in the Northeast US is one such horrific example).

Correct the imbalance and, not only does the source of anxiety lessen, you discover an increased satisfaction from the other life wheel wedges that were ignored. The same can be true in your business: while you’re focused on so many and diverse activities in your business that are NOT among those you sought to advance, you’re actually reducing your ability to be effective with any of them. Your thought process – do you need to be creative now? Analytical? Nurturing? Visionary? – is spinning from one to another so that no one gets your full attention. The result? Trying to handle more means each activity is done with less focus and care.

Ironic, no? You’ve shifted away from what was most important to you AND you’re less productive with the alternate choices. There really is a better way; really. I’ve set aside some time to help you figure this out so that you can advance your goals AND be more effective each day in your attempt. Sound good?

Andrea Feinberg is President of Coaching Insight, LLC. She is among the pioneers of the coaching profession as a 2002 graduate of Coach U, personally trained by Thomas Leonard, widely considered the founder of this field. Andrea’s on a mission to pull small biz owners away from the daily grind and into their big opportunities; that’s where you’ll find more money, a better-run business, a happier life and the time to enjoy it all. She especially enjoys working with business women who now seek their ideal life through business ownership.

A business owner since 1988, Andrea has an M.B.A. in marketing, is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Certified EQ Mentor and Certified Strategic Business Leadership Coach.

From 2002 – 2006 she co-owned and built the largest Long Island, NY training and networking group for professional coaches, United Coaching Associates.

In 2011, Long Island Business News named her among ’50 Most Influential Women in Business’. In 2012, she was added to ‘Who’s Who: 100 Women in E-Commerce’, included in “Top 5 Coaching Blogs”, and named to ‘Top 5 Productivity Gurus’. She’s published 2 books, “The Essential Coaching Book” and “Time Junkie – 101 Ways for Business Owners to Break the Habit and Get More Free Time NOW!”

Andrea is one of our Expert Speakers On Ignite The Fire Within – To register for this FREE Event where you can

Stop the procrastination and expect success in all areas of life.

Begin experiencing greater joy, fun, and peace of mind in your life allowing abundance to flow freely and never have to worry or have anxiety about what will happen next.

Learn how to detach from drama and this help support happiness and personal effectiveness.

Seriously, you can’t afford to stand still in your business, and you can’t afford to miss these complimentary live training sessions.

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Save Time Energy & Money by utilizing these top 3 Resources in your Business.


If you are in a service-based business finding time for marketing, delivering your services attracting clients can be a very time consuming activity. Sometimes as healers/therapists you want to serve your clients with your unique gifts not spend hours on social media trying to figure out how it all works or learning how to build a website.

When I had my Mobile Therapy Business I never had a website yet attracted a steady stream of clients by utilizing social media such as Facebook and twitter and a listing which had great testimonials on it, in a business directory which positioned me on the first page of Google in my area for massage.

I’m going to share with you my favourite top 3 resources so you can put it into action for your business.

Sometimes it can feel like all your efforts on social media are wasted if you can’t track or measure your results. To use social media effectively you need a strategy and consistency of posting and engaging with potential clients. I actually build up my first fan page on Facebook for my massage business before I’d even started my business, I didn’t even own a massage table

3 Time, Energy and Money Saving Resources for your business so you have more time to serve your clients

Hootsuite a web-based application and you do not physically have to login to each individual social media site to “see” what is happening with your account. It also has a smart phone app that you can install on your phone so you can literally manage your social media from anywhere! I love its Multiple Social Network Management from one dashboard (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+**), Scheduled Messaging so you can preload messages, promotions and updates. Its free for up to 5 social media accounts plus you can Sign up for a free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro add more features and accounts

bitly  – This free site shortens links but also track links so you can see how often it was clicked. You can also use for split testing to find out which link works better.

Marketing Grader  scores your website in how well it is doing in regarding Marketing. Learn how well you are doing across 3 critical areas of your marketing. It grades you on how well you are at bringing people in. Grades your content. How good you are at converting them. Are you getting them to sign up to your offering, mailing list? Discover if your social media is working etc. It also gives you some pointers on how to improve your score.

To find more great resources for your business sign up for my free guide “50 Resources Every Business Queen Needs to run her Successful Service Based Business” Here



How to Build A Booming Business

Oh #WOW Have I got an inspirational success story for you all today. Connie Quinn-Vaillant retired and rather than take it easy after so many years working as a school principle set up not one but two really successful businesses. She now teaches others how to do it also, especially those who are 50+  to create their own Wisdom Businesses. Want to build your own booming biz Connie shares some great wisdom in how to achieve that with her Top 5 tips how to do that. Those who can do and teach others how.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?  I’m a retired School Principal with two young adult sons – the oldest is a new teacher, who teaches French as a second language, the younger one will graduate this fall with his MSc. in Microbiology and he is applying to Medical School in Sept.

We live in Ontario, Canada in a small city at the mouth of Lake Huron, located just across the St. Clair River from The U. S. My husband has been retired for some time now and is a great help and supports my endeavours. I’m currently a sessional professor teaching post-gradute courses in Education and running two businesses.

I had a difficult time retiring. I was so used to being able to make decisions, set goals, work with others, and affect other’s lives in positive ways. I felt empty and desolate. And for the first time in my life I became quite depressed. What would I do for the next 20 years?

I needed to do something meaningful, challenging and creative. I needed to feel I was contributing to help improve the lives of others. I prayed each night for a direction. And it wasn’t long in coming…

What lead you to making the decision of creating your own business? I asked for a challenge, and boy, did I get one! Continue reading

30 Days to an Organized Home Leading to a Happier, Calmer, Better Life

Just Knowing that I was interviewing this week’s #WOW Efficiency Expert and Best Selling Author Evelyn Cucchiara got me into action. I had a good old clear out this week. Evelyn’s system is so easy to follow and she makes it a breeze. I’m not exactly a clutter nutter but seem to create areas of gatherings in my home. You know where you leave just one thing on a worktop or flat surface and you come back 10 minutes later and there’s a party going on with lots of other unrelated items sharing the space. The difference it makes energetically removing clutter and donating unwanted stuff is huge. It makes the energy flow more freely through the house plus we can find things easily when they have a home.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? Well, I’m an author, teacher, business owner and mom – but the order of importance changes depending on the day! My life is filled with obligations, my goal in life is to try and streamline the obligations so my family and I have time for fun. Memories are made from the fun times, not the work times. I’m passionate about teaching – weather it’s teaching people how to streamline their lives and be more efficient or teaching preschoolers art – I do it all!

So tell me about your business, what is all about? sprung up from my desire to combine all that I do under one heading. For many years I’ve owned a preschool art studio. That’s what my education background is about – I have my masters degree in Art Education. Recently I’ve expanded what I teach and who I teach it to by writing a book entitled “30 Days to an Organized Home”. The jump from one to another is not as far fetched as you might think. It’s all about teaching. Years ago in my art teaching career, I discovered that Continue reading