How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Without The Overwhelm

As a business owner it is usually from your efforts alone that income is generated but what happens if you are sick, go on holiday does the money Stop!

For anyone who values financial security and ultimately desires financial freedom, creating at least one additional stream of income is no longer a luxury.

It has become a necessity.

Join us on April 26 to learn How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Without The Overwhelm

During this live TweetChat, we’ll cover:

• How to replicate or duplicate your services so you earn more for the same effort
• The different types of income streams you can add to your existing business
• How to tap into the hidden source of lucrative income making opportunities

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More than One Way to Skin a Cat: Adventures in Creative Thinking

By My Gorgeous friend Gita Curniffe from Quantum Change Consulting

As I like to say “The same level of thinking that created the problem, is not the same level of thinking at which you can find a solution”

How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem – and that that problem leads to a dead end? How many times have you felt stumped knowing that the problem laying before you is one you cannot solve. No leads. No options. No solutions.

Did it feel like you had exhausted all possible options and yet are still before the mountain – large, unconquerable, and impregnable? When encountering such enormous problems, you may feel like you’re hammering against a steel mountain. The pressure of having to solve such a problem may be overwhelming.

But rejoice! There might be some hope yet!

With some creative problem-solving techniques you may be able to look at your problem in a different light. And that light might just be the end of the tunnel that leads to possible solutions.

First of all, in the light of creative problem-solving, you must be open-minded to the fact that there may be more than just one solution to the problem. And, you must be open to the fact that there may be solutions to problems you thought were unsolvable.

Now, with this optimistic mindset, we can try to be a little bit more creative in solving our problems.

Number one; maybe the reason we cannot solve our problems is that we have not really taken a hard look at what the problem is. Here, trying to understanding the problem and having a concrete understanding of its workings is integral solving the problem. If you know how it works, what the problem is, then you have a better foundation towards solving the problem.

Not trying to make the simple statement of what problem is. Try to identify the participating entities and what their relationships with one another are. Take note of the things you stand to gain any stand to lose from the current problem. Now you have a simple statement of what the problem is.

Number two; try to take note of all of the constraints and assumptions you have the words of problem. Sometimes it is these assumptions that obstruct our view of possible solutions. You have to identify which assumptions are valid, in which assumptions need to be addressed.

Number three; try to solve the problem by parts. Solve it going from general view towards the more detailed parts of the problem. This is called the top-down approach. Write down the question, and then come up with a one-sentence solution to that from them. The solution should be a general statement of what will solve the problem. From here you can develop the solution further, and increase its complexity little by little.

Number four; although it helps to have critical thinking aboard as you solve a problem, you must also keep a creative, analytical voice at the back of your head. When someone comes up with a prospective solution, tried to think how you could make that solution work. Try to be creative. At the same time, look for chinks in the armor of that solution.

Number five; it pays to remember that there may be more than just one solution being developed at one time. Try to keep track of all the solutions and their developments. Remember, there may be more than just one solution to the problem.

Number six; remember that old adage,” two heads are better than one.” That one is truer than it sounds. Always be open to new ideas. You can only benefit from listening to all the ideas each person has. This is especially true when the person you’re talking to has had experience solving problems similar to yours.

You don’t have to be a gung-ho, solo hero to solve the problem. If you can organize collective thought on the subject, it would be much better.

Number seven; be patient. As long as you persevere, there is always a chance that a solution will present itself. Remember that no one was able to create an invention the first time around.

Creative thinking exercises can also help you in your quest be a more creative problems solver.

Here is one example.

Take a piece of paper and write any word that comes to mind at the center. Now look at that word then write the first two words that come to your mind. This can go on until you can build a tree of related words. This helps you build analogical skills, and fortify your creative processes.

So, next time you see a problem you think you can not solve, think again. The solution might just be staring you right in the face. All it takes is just a little creative thinking, some planning, and a whole lot of work.

Gita Curniffe  Quantum Change Consulting LLC
contact no: 720 508 0330

Director of Professional & Personal Development.
At the helm of the practice is experienced consultant, Ms. Gita Curniffe. Gita will be leveraging her professional expertise as a qualified Intervention and Change Management coach for the benefit of individual and corporate clients. Gita possesses specific expertise in Management Consulting, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapy techniques.

Furthermore, Gita is a certified practitioner in Fire Walking, Prosci Change Management, Timeline Therapy and Accredited Matrix Reimprinting. Gita’s talent combined with unique experiences and commitment provides a solid foundation for Quantum Change and will be leveraged to assist clients to achieve individual and business goals.

Gita’s experience in the corporate arena spans over a decade with specific expertise in change management intervention, project management, business and project co-ordinating whilst working for renowned and esteemed organizations including KPMG for over 6 years.

Gita is a consummate professional with great intra-personal and inter-personal skills to effect change in others. Her expertise and training programme has equipped her with an abundance of easy to apply and extremely effective ways to lead and manage even the most complex change management projects.


There is Perfection in This Moment By Sheri Kaye Hoff

I use to worry- a lot.

I would be in bed at night and not sleeping because I would start worrying about the next day, the next week, the next year. I would think thoughts like- if this (fill in the blank) changed, everything would be fine. What I found is that when one situation would be resolved, I still worried. Finally, I realized that I had developed a worrying problem and that even if things were going relatively well, I probably would still worry.

I determined that I did not want to live my life in this way… what worked for me was to find the perfection in the moment. At night, when I would begin worrying, I would stop and say… this moment is perfect. My bed is comfortable, my sheets smell good, my room is relaxing… and I would name everything that was perfect about the moment. Each time that I would slip into worry… I would bring myself back to the moment.

I learned that even in trying times, I could find perfect moments here and there. If I had a big meeting that involved stress- in the car, I would keep my thoughts from worry by bringing myself to the moment. “In this moment, the clouds are beautiful, the car is moving along, I can choose the music I want, I feel my hands on the wheel”, etc

I felt immediate peace and relaxation. The more I practiced being in the moment and feeling the perfection of the moment… the more I felt bliss and joy in every day life.

Perfection in the moment could be a cool hand on a fevered forehead, a cold glass of water soothing a parched throat, deep sobbing that releases emotions- perfection in the moment doesn’t mean that we don’t have ups and downs… it means being present for your life.

Exercise: Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly each time. Describe this present moment… find the perfection in it… Notice how you feel as you bring yourself present.

Love and Blessings,


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL. Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Sheri is a Life, Executive, and Small Biz Coach. She is a bestselling, transformational Amazon and Barnes & Noble Author. Sheri knows what it takes to go from tragedy to triumph as she discovered her brother after his suicide death as a teenager and, then, struggled for years with sadness and depression. Eventually, she found her way back to both success and joy. Sheri brings wisdom from her over 20 year career in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training and development to you. She is a leadership expert, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. The essence of her coaching approach is transformational, intuitive, spiritual, inspirational, energy boosting, and action oriented. She teaches, collaborates, partners, mentors, and inspires others to ignite inspiration, creativity, happiness, and success every day.

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Begin experiencing greater joy, fun, and peace of mind in your life allowing abundance to flow freely and never have to worry or have anxiety about what will happen next.

Learn how to detach from drama and this help support happiness and personal effectiveness.

Seriously, you can’t afford to stand still in your business, and you can’t afford to miss these complimentary live training sessions.

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What to expect from an astrological reading (and why I understand if you’re skeptical!) With Jennifer Shelton

Last Friday I was interviewed for an upcoming telesummit. The interviewer had an astrological reading done in the past (not by me), and she said that what I do sounds very different than what she got. She asked what a person should look for in picking an astrologer.  So, here are a few suggestions and frequently asked questions.

1 – Know the astrologer’s specialty.

Not all astrologers do the same thing. Many focus on predictions – what going to be happening in your life in the next few weeks to months. Some focus on events and will help you to pick the best day to get married or have surgery.  There are those who look at relationships (synastry) and how compatible you are with partners (romantic, business, etc). You can often tell, by reading an astrologer’s website, where her focus lies.

My specialty: I focus on how all your different parts can harmonize. I start with your North Node (or, life purpose) and then, look to the rest of your chart – the planets, houses and aspects – to determine how they can work together towards this purpose. This is quite different from many astrologers, who will see various aspects of a chart as contradicting each other. I’ve often read that my Capricorn moon is “too cold” and that I should cultivate more compassion. My approach is that I have a Capricorn moon for a reason. I look at my whole chart to figure out what role it serves. So, instead of telling people to change basic parts of their personality, I explain how their parts can work in unison. (Think, well-oiled machine.)

2 – Why are horoscopes often wrong?

I find that chart readings, describing a person’s personality, are rarely wrong. But, when most people ask this question, they are referring to predictions, like the kind you see in the paper, or online. For one, these are not based on your unique birth chart. They are generic for all Aquarians, or Scorpios, or Tauruses. An Aquarian with a Scorpio rising sign, and the sun in the fourth house, is going to have a different forecast than an Aquarian with a Pisces rising sign and the sun in the 10th house.  Some people say that if you read the horoscope for your sun sign AND for your rising sign, it’s more accurate. I avoid generic daily/weekly horoscopes all together. (Except for the joke ones in The Onion. Those are hilarious!)

Also, astrological predictions are much like weather predictions. If there’s a 60% chance of rain, you may get wet, or nothing may happen. A thunderstorm might be benign, or lightening may strike a tree in your yard. It’s very hard to be specific with these kinds of forecasts. But, sometimes, it is good to know whether or not you need an overcoat or umbrella, just in case!

My approach:  I do include predictions in my readings but they are always based on the client’s individual chart. Also, my view is that if you understand all the parts of yourself well, you’ll be able to handle anything that happens in life.

3 – Much of this is now online for free. What’s the point of hiring someone to read my chart for me?

Depending on how complicated your chart is, you may be able to use online sources to do a reading for yourself. But, using my cake analogy (I compare a chart to a layered cake), the online sources will tell you the properties of each ingredient in your cake but not how they interact when cooked together.

You know that plain cocoa tastes nasty but when mixed with sugar and butter, it’s quite tasty. Same goes for cinnamon. Or, flour. An Aquarian sun with a Capricorn moon (that’s me!) is going to be very different than a Scorpio sun with a Capricorn moon. And, then, there’s the rising sign and the houses of the chart…they all combine to make you unique. A live person can see and understand those combinations.

4 – Is any of this stuff real? What do you say to skeptics?

I’m as skeptical as the next person! In fact, that’s why a lot of my clients like me. I have NO IDEA how astrology works, and that fascinates me even more. I’ve read articles trying to explain it, and nothing makes sense to me. But, when I had my first real reading (from a coworker), I was amazed at how accurately my chart depicted all my personality’s nooks and crannies. Then, I started reading the charts of acquaintances, friends and family. I never came across a chart that wasn’t accurate. The REAL TEST, though, was when I read the chart of a stranger. I mean, I already knew the personalities of the other people, and wondered if I wasn’t subconsciously skewing the reading to fit. But, so far, so good.

I did once have a person email me and say, “This does sound like me, but I’m really good with kids and am surprised that didn’t show up in my reading.” Well, it was there but wasn’t a prominent part of her chart, so I didn’t bring it up.  If there is something specific you are looking for, definitely let the astrologer know. Which leads to question number five…

5 – How can I get the most out of a reading?

It helps if you tell the astrologer the kinds of things you are concerned about. I know some people avoid doing this because they are skeptical and don’t want to “feed” info to the astrologer. With my readings, I do an overview of a person’s personality and life purpose first, and then, I will specifically focus on questions and how they fit into the big picture. There is so much information in an astrological chart that you could study it for years and not find everything. Your questions help the astrologer to pick out the stuff that is most relevant to you.

Also, my personal intuition works in such a way that I often “read” a person based on the questions she asks. As a child, in school, I’d hear kids ask questions and know exactly why they didn’t understand something. In hearing your questions, I know better how to focus on your chart. In fact, I may intuitively pick up a concern that wasn’t expressed directly in your question.

6 – What’s the best way to get a reading – over the phone or in writing?

I type out my clients’ readings. There are certain parts of a chart that LEAP out at me, and that are extremely important. I want to make sure those are covered and that my clients understand them well.  I am a “big picture” kind of person (my Jupiter is conjunct my ascendant!), and want to portray that big picture before diving into details. When I first started this, I read charts over the phone, but noticed people would get caught up on a sentence or phrase, without waiting for context. The written chart allows you to read the entire interpretation – repeatedly. (My readings tend to be 5-6 typed pages.)

7 – But, there are benefits to talking to your astrologer on the phone.

This is good for getting into details. I always want my clients to have an idea of the “big picture” first (with the written reading) but I love doing follow-ups on the phone!

My clients use the phone follow-up in different ways. Some have questions about a specific project, or a job change, or a life change, and want to know if it’s a good idea, or the best approach to dealing with it. Some people use the phone sessions as a form of therapy. I listen, often pick up patterns, and give suggestions for coping, based on their astrological chart. Some schedule these on an “as needed” basis, and others book several in advance, meeting once a week, or every two weeks (I do give discounts if a person buys sessions in bulk). Also, with these phone sessions, I am able to use my intuition (mentioned in number 5) in combination with the astrological chart.

Jennifer has been in the field of education for over twenty years, always with a focus on human rights. She is the founder of the website, FemCentral, the Virtual Institute for Women, where she works as editor, writer, and webmaster. She also teaches history, part-time, at the college, middle and high school levels.

A few years ago, she discovered an unexpected gift for astrology. She writes original astrology articles for FemCentral and provides a variety of astrological services, including individual readings and group classes.

In her “spare” time, she is researching the biography of the American Suffragist, Lucy Burns.

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Learn how to detach from drama and this help support happiness and personal effectiveness.

Seriously, you can’t afford to stand still in your business, and you can’t afford to miss these complimentary live training sessions.

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The Balance Myth With Maria Marinakis

So often, we hear people talk about wanting to achieve balance in their lives.  How do you balance work, career, finances, personal fulfillment, parenting, family, physical well-being, and spirituality?  I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.  What if the idea of having a utopian balanced life were all a myth?  Think about it.  Life is full of change and crises that help us challenge ourselves and grow.  If you’re like me, some days start out so nicely planned and end up with putting out one fire after the next.  So what about balance?  Where’s the balance?  Most days, we can feel like a hamster, spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.

I think it’s great to want to grow in all the areas of your life and it’s important to have a master blueprint of where you want to go, but it’s equally important to stay flexible enough to deal with what life throws in the way in the meantime.  I’ve written before about my master ‘to-do’ list, where I chunk activities into goal areas, say finance, career, projects, etc.  I give each area a title that excites me.  It’s hard to get excited about a life area that you title, “Dig Out of Debt.”  Think of something that will motivate and excite you to WANT to do the things that will get you there.  Here are some of my life area titles:  Home Sweet Home, Body Temple, Financially Fierce, Superstah Speaker, Marketing Maven, etc.

I set aside some time each week, usually Sunday night, to go through each category and think of as many things as I can do under each to get me closer to the final outcome I want to achieve.  I don’t sit and consider whether it’s feasible or not.  I just brainstorm everything I can think of, no matter how big or small.  Then, for the bigger items, I go back and break them down into smaller tasks.  Now, I have my road map.  Each evening, I review my list and prioritize the top 3 things I need to do the next day that will get me closer to my goals.  They may be simple things, like making a phone call, sending an email, etc.  The funny thing is, once I get rolling the next day, I actually end up accomplishing more than those 3 things.  Then, I move on to the next top 3 priorities.  Each evening, I review what I’ve accomplished and acknowledge myself for moving closer to the ultimate goals, no matter how small the baby steps.  By the end of the week, I’m amazed at how much progress I’ve made.

My friend, Dan Thurmon, who is an amazing speaker and juggler, uses juggling and balance in his talks as a metaphor for life and business.  He demonstrates and teaches his audiences to juggle, literally.  He talks about how most people think the art of juggling is difficult because they can’t imagine focusing on so many things at once.  He explains that, when juggling, as in life, he focuses on only one specific thing at a time–he just does it really, really fast!!

Dan’s motto is, ”Off Balance, On Purpose.”  He demonstrates some amazing balancing techniques (like juggling while riding a unicycle!) and explains how balance is a process of making constant small adjustments to keep from falling.  Visit his site for inspiration and watch some of his amazing videos at:

So, quit beating yourself up for not being able to do it all at once.  Just keep in mind that you only have to do one small thing at a time and learn to do that faster and faster while making small adjustments to stay on track.  Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all of your goals in every area of your life, while giving the outside world the illusion that everything is in balance!!  And you know, that’s exactly what balance is.

Maria M. Marinakis, Ed.M., LADC

Maria’s life and 20-year career in early childhood mental health, working with thousands of families, is devoted to developing great adult-child relationships.  She provides parent training in a fun, entertaining, energetic, and practical format that is easy for parents to understand and apply immediately.

The bottom line to successfully implementing any behavior management or parenting technique is building the foundation of a positive, healthy adult-child relationship. Maria would love to show you — proof positivethat you’re only 10 minutes away from a great relationship with your children!

Maria is one of our Expert Speakers On Ignite The Fire Within – To register for this FREE Event where you can

Stop the procrastination and expect success in all areas of life.

Begin experiencing greater joy, fun, and peace of mind in your life allowing abundance to flow freely and never have to worry or have anxiety about what will happen next.

Learn how to detach from drama and this help support happiness and personal effectiveness.

Seriously, you can’t afford to stand still in your business, and you can’t afford to miss these complimentary live training sessions.

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Decoding Your Wild Wisdom With Tracie Nichols

This Week’s #WOW is Soul Truth Expert Tracie Nichols. She is an alchemist for the earth. I first met Tracie via a mutual friend – as we both write for Its All About Yes Ezine (the online magazine for women in business). Tracie is a total earth mother and a champion of all women. Her gifts which she shares so generously, serve as a reminder to us all to listen to the wisdom of nature. It’s very apt that Tracie is the featured #WOW on 12-12-12

Tell me a little about you, your lifestyle and what you are passionate about.

I’m a woman dancing gleefully into my crone years, spending my life intuitively communicating with the unseen world. I’m particularly connected with the energies of the earth, or Gaia (after the Greek goddess who was the Great Mother of All).

No matter what I’m doing I love laughter – just ask my (amazing, wonderful, rockin’) clients. I’m passionate about LIFE – the amazing, vibrant force that animates us all – and doing everything I can to help every being thrive.

I have a master’s degree that gives me the tools to help people make significant life changes. My intuitive senses have been developed over nearly 25 years. (People tell me my intuitive guidance is clear, accurate, and helpful. How cool is that!?) My sacred partnership with the earth grounds me, keeps me present, and keeps things real.

I’m lucky enough to be Mom to 3 fascinating children and married to a very cool Renaissance man. We live in a (very small!) 250 year old farm house with Elrond, the magical cat. Someday we plan to live in an off-the-grid completely sustainable home. Little known fact? I LOVE fresh raspberries! I mean passionately. I once told a friend that sun-warmed raspberries, fresh from the cane, were better than sex.

So tell me about your business, who is Tracie Nichols?

I’m a change-maker and advocate for women and the earth. My business is all about serving both, usually at the same time.

I serve women by helping them unearth and live their raw, glorious Soul Truth. Part of that process involves helping them recover their intuitive relationship with the planet, the most potent source of feminine energy available. Part of it involves using my intuition to “listen” to their Soul Truth and help them develop ways of living that truth out loud (usually with lots of laughter)!

I serve the earth by listening to her and sharing her wisdom, her stories, with anyone who will listen (usually on my blog and social media) and by helping people come home again to their intuitive relationship with the planet. When we do this we tend to consider the well being of all life when making choices, so everybody wins.

What inspired you to make the decision to create your own business?

I was inspired to create my own business by the messy collision of needing to be home for my children with receiving a sacred mandate from Gaia to share her story, and my passionate belief that we were losing something essential with each woman who remained silent rather than sharing her unique wisdom. And, since I was one of those women being more silent than seen, I decided I needed to walk my talk, as they say.

Has there always been a burning desire inside you to create this, or did your business evolve from your original idea?

Having my own business was never really a dream of mine. I took a winding road to get to where I am now. In the beginning I was so unsure of myself I kept trying to legitimize my intuitive work by wrapping it up in more conventional packaging. I started as a massage therapist and an aromatherapist (still am) specializing in working with women survivors of trauma and abuse. Amazing work, but not what I knew I needed to be doing. Things kept evolving and I kept becoming more transparent about my mandate from Gaia and my conviction that women’s voices are essential to our global thriving.

What did/do you find to be the most challenging part of your business?

Bookkeeping and boundaries. Financials flummox me and numbers are so NOT my strength. In terms of boundaries, I love what I do so much that I have a hard time stopping. I can always find just one more thing… I’m guilty of working through weekends and holidays at times. Which, of course, just isn’t healthy. So I’m cultivating balance. And re-framing bookkeeping as play with numbers until I hire a VA (part of the 2013 plan).

What have you learned about yourself during the process of setting up your business?

I’ve learned that I am NOT detail oriented. Despite having been so in several jobs. When it comes to managing the enormous quantity of details involved in setting up and running my business…yikes! I need to bring extra energy and attention to detailed processes.

I’ve also learned that I can over think and over write something until it’s mind-boggling, complex, and hideously boring. I’m getting better at trusting my first thoughts.

Also, I’ve learned that I’m courageous as hell, a really good public speaker, a solid and compassionate class facilitator and I can work totally silly hours and still be in love with what I do.

What advice would you give someone considering starting their own business?

Know yourself – really well. Be willing to see the best, the worst and everything between. Especially know how you sabotage yourself and how you motivate yourself. Be clear about your resources, of all kinds. Have a support network resilient enough to handle weeping, raging, glee, questioning, frustration, giddiness, wild success and the occasional abject failure. It also helps if some of them can deliver meals on occasion. Have regular meetings with your inner wisdom. Consider forming an advisory board. I have human colleagues I call on, as well as a more-than-human advisory board.

What products and services do you provide?

I serve through Soul-Truthing sessions, Leadership Mentoring, classes and gatherings (virtual and in person), public speaking and nearly daily blog posts. You can find all of that at ( By the way, I LOVE when a lively conversation springs up under a post.

One of my favorite pages on my site is “Gifts for You”! ( where folks can find audio and PDF versions of meditations Gaia shared with me. Anyone who takes the plunge and subscribes to my newsletter receives “Alchemy from the Earth,” a collection of messages and suggested practices from Gaia.

I have also developed the “Decoding Your Wild Wisdom Guidebook” ( a guide to unlocking the timeless understanding coded into your body of how to navigate mystery, chaos, transformation and evolution. And the “With Love, From Your Element” email program ( – connecting people with their home element. Helping them stay grounded, present, focused and clear.

What is the greatest success story for your business?

The greatest success story for my business isn’t my story. It’s the stories clients tell about how their lives have changed. How they feel so much more alive and happy. How they feel like they’re finally living the truth of who they are. I LOVE my clients. I’m inspired by them every day. That’s the big, shiny success story of my business; all of the fierce, radiant women standing up and being heard, now.

The ways you can hook up with Tracie:

Facebook: (personal page) (fan page)



Attention Attention We All Want It

How much attention do you get? I mean in your interactions with others, do you get their undivided attention, where they are just focused on you and not distracted by their smartphone or something equally interesting that they are looking out of the window. When my now infamous bro was visiting last week it was hard not to notice the amount of attention my son gave him. You see, my boy has this amazing gift of making someone feel like they are the best thing since sliced bread. He just has this knack of giving you his total attention and becomes  totally engrossed in the conversation, is thoughtful and engaging, not bad qualities for a 6 year old. As all behaviour is learnt, I thought I’d do a little study and watch how he interacts with others. It seems this behaviour is reserved for newbies, people he’s not overly familar with as he used the same strategy with a friend of my husband’s who we don’t see very often. We had one of those teacher/parent things recently and she had made the same observation.
I was reminded of my son as I queued for coffee before one of this week’s meetings. There was a couple before me and the chap behind the counter was giving them his full attention, engaging in conversation and they were laughing at whatever it was he said. A thought crossed my mind, a feeling of impatience, maybe it was because I was wearing shoes, that were really just designed for sitting down. I started to think “OK mate, enough already , get a move on” but I checked myself , dismissed that thought. What was my problem, I was early for my meeting so had plently of time, my client hadn’t arrived. Surely just waiting a few minutes was no big deal, I gave myself an internal slap. Then it was my turn. What did I want. What I got was his full attention, broad smile and easy manner. So the banter began. Did I want cream on my mocha ? Oh go on then. For anyone in business it was a really smooth upsell.
So being present in the moment is a gift, not being distracted by thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow, that’s why it comes so easily for children as they totally live in the moment. As adults we loose this, well some of us do, we get rare moments. Where does you attention go? Are you engaged fully in your life and the people you share it with?


This Week’s #WOW is the stunning Kerry Tepedino and she shares her wisdom around how Healthy is the new sexy. I definitely agree with that, when we feel great in our body we exude sexiness. Kerry shares how when we become the healthiest version of ourselves,  we see our life take off in ways we could have only dreamed of. This will result in better relationships, a sexier air about you that is inexplicable, not to mention more fun, adventure, and a life that you are truly excited about.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?

I am so grateful that I love the work I get to do. It keeps me so inspired to support people who are truly ready for complete transformation with their health and lives. My lifestyle is what I recommend to my clients… showing up to be the best person you can be on a daily basis, feed myself healthy foods and thoughts so that I can age gracefully and feel vibrant for life, move my body daily in a way that is fun and brings me joy, contribute to others, and connect with myself in a way that is loving, kind, and gentle.

So tell me about your business, what is Kerry Tepedino all about?

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Counselor of Nutrition, and Craniosacral Therapist. I Help You Easily Implement A Healthy Lifestyle That Will Result In Drastic Improvement In Every Area Of Your Life.

What lead you to making the decision of creating your own business?

I always say that my business found me. I was actually a Peace Corps volunteer and then a graphic designer once I moved back to the states. As I began to study yoga in my free time, taking quite a few month long courses with monks all over the world, my ideas of who I am, how I was living my life, and how I wanted to spend my time shifted.

Has there always been a burning desire inside you to create this or did it your business evolve from your original idea?

As I studied more about holistic living and got such amazing results with myself, I became hungrier to find out more… and then to help others do the same!

I wasn’t looking for it at all and never would have imagined what I have now was even possible. I truly believe that Continue reading

Prepare To Receive More

#WOW this week’s Outstanding woman who has created a business around her purpose and passion is seasoned entrepreneur Benecia Ponder. She Helps women find spiritual and financial freedom!  Benecia uses her Biblically-based education and spiritual foundation to offer her audiences and clients a thought-provoking and strategic approach to facing personal and business challenges.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? I have dedicated my life to sharing my personal story of setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstacles with others in an effort to inspire and reaffirm each person’s sense of resilience in facing adversity and life challenges. Simply put, I have made it my mission to help people live life with an abundance of passion, purpose, and prosperity!

The challenges I have faced in overcoming the devastating effects of visual impairment to become a successful author, speaker, and business coach is one that I love to share. It is an intriguing tale of trial and triumph that shows the importance of not only maintaining a strong faith and positive mindset, but also developing the practical strategies necessary to grow in every aspect of your life. My book, Prepare to Receive MORE! details this journey and inspires readers to take the action necessary to build lives of greater success and significance.

So tell me about your business, what is Benecia Ponder Enterprises all about? As a speaker, author, and certified personal and executive coach, I provide strategic, Bible-based education and empowerment to help Christian women solo entrepreneurs create an abundance of profits in their service based business without sacrificing their passion and purpose. My coaching and speaking connects faith and business in a unique way.

As a former attorney and business development strategist, I use my Biblically-based education and spiritual foundation to offer clients and audiences  a thought-provoking and strategic approach to facing personal and business challenges.

Overall, I teach Christian women solo entrepreneurs and service professionals how to transform and realign their life and business with God’s plan for prosperity.  As a result, they Continue reading

How to Build A Booming Business

Oh #WOW Have I got an inspirational success story for you all today. Connie Quinn-Vaillant retired and rather than take it easy after so many years working as a school principle set up not one but two really successful businesses. She now teaches others how to do it also, especially those who are 50+  to create their own Wisdom Businesses. Want to build your own booming biz Connie shares some great wisdom in how to achieve that with her Top 5 tips how to do that. Those who can do and teach others how.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?  I’m a retired School Principal with two young adult sons – the oldest is a new teacher, who teaches French as a second language, the younger one will graduate this fall with his MSc. in Microbiology and he is applying to Medical School in Sept.

We live in Ontario, Canada in a small city at the mouth of Lake Huron, located just across the St. Clair River from The U. S. My husband has been retired for some time now and is a great help and supports my endeavours. I’m currently a sessional professor teaching post-gradute courses in Education and running two businesses.

I had a difficult time retiring. I was so used to being able to make decisions, set goals, work with others, and affect other’s lives in positive ways. I felt empty and desolate. And for the first time in my life I became quite depressed. What would I do for the next 20 years?

I needed to do something meaningful, challenging and creative. I needed to feel I was contributing to help improve the lives of others. I prayed each night for a direction. And it wasn’t long in coming…

What lead you to making the decision of creating your own business? I asked for a challenge, and boy, did I get one! Continue reading