Unsilencing Myself By Tracie Nichols

It’s nearly 10 a.m. on Monday morning and usually by now this article would have long since been published. I stopped myself from writing it at least three times since Friday.

There’s some BIG irony in play here…

For weeks, months even, I’ve been spouting on about speaking out for what matters, raising our voices, taking a stand … yada, yada… and here I am silencing myself. Too funny.

So what’s the (gasp!) awful thing I didn’t want to say?

I wanted to tell you that I was inspired by the power of two women’s voices to encourage you, once again, to raise your own voice.

Why was this not a good thing?

Because I was worried I might be – you know – annoying. I might irritate someone because I’m speaking out more than once for something. That I’m being passionate – and maybe a little louder and more insistent than I might usually be.

That’s it. That’s what stopped me. I didn’t want my passionate belief that women’s voices are essential to annoy you. (Please, feel free to roll your eyes. I am.)

Here’s the perfect example of how the warped sacred masculine (patriarchy, power-over, dominator paradigm) lives in me. How it’s in my beliefs and behaviors so deeply that, despite everything I know and all the work I’ve done, it can still seep out and taint my confidence.

(deep breaths….many….)

So, how did I realize what was happening?

Curiosity. Mindful awareness. Knowing myself. Remembering the texture and taste of the limiting beliefs I’d been force-fed.

I was willing to wonder why. Not just assume that it wasn’t meant to be, or Spirit didn’t want me to, or it was a stupid idea anyway. I got curious about WHY.

I listened to myself, gently, and realized what was happening. Then I rolled my eyes, smacked myself in the head and judged myself a bunch. And then I stopped. Because that’s never helpful and it’s just feeding into the whole dominator thing again.

Because I thought you might relate, I thought I’d share the whole experience with you. For most of us the seeds of silencing are planted deep and it takes a few (OK – sometimes many) reminders to be aware of them.

So, here’s another reminder…

Be curious. Be present, mindful, aware. Know yourself. Be willing to ask “Why?” Be willing to listen to yourself with as little judgement as possible.

Tracie Nichols, M.A. is a change-maker and advocate for women and the earth. She’s the creator of Soul-Truthing; intuitive mentoring helping earth-loving change-making women unearth their unique leadership. “I believe it’s all right there in your heart. It just takes a little help blowing away the smoke and moving the mirrors for you to find it. Truly, you’re amazing, and we need you.”

Tracie has been developing her intuitive gift for nearly twenty years. She weaves her intuition with her masters degree in Human and Organizational Transformation to help women make, and stick with, significant life changes. You can find practical ideas, insights and inspiration on her website (almost) daily. Her well-loved newsletter appears in inboxes on the new and full moon. “Stop by tracienichols.com, grab a cup of tea, settle in and enjoy!  I LOVE when a lively conversation springs up under a post.”

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There is Perfection in This Moment By Sheri Kaye Hoff

I use to worry- a lot.

I would be in bed at night and not sleeping because I would start worrying about the next day, the next week, the next year. I would think thoughts like- if this (fill in the blank) changed, everything would be fine. What I found is that when one situation would be resolved, I still worried. Finally, I realized that I had developed a worrying problem and that even if things were going relatively well, I probably would still worry.

I determined that I did not want to live my life in this way… what worked for me was to find the perfection in the moment. At night, when I would begin worrying, I would stop and say… this moment is perfect. My bed is comfortable, my sheets smell good, my room is relaxing… and I would name everything that was perfect about the moment. Each time that I would slip into worry… I would bring myself back to the moment.

I learned that even in trying times, I could find perfect moments here and there. If I had a big meeting that involved stress- in the car, I would keep my thoughts from worry by bringing myself to the moment. “In this moment, the clouds are beautiful, the car is moving along, I can choose the music I want, I feel my hands on the wheel”, etc

I felt immediate peace and relaxation. The more I practiced being in the moment and feeling the perfection of the moment… the more I felt bliss and joy in every day life.

Perfection in the moment could be a cool hand on a fevered forehead, a cold glass of water soothing a parched throat, deep sobbing that releases emotions- perfection in the moment doesn’t mean that we don’t have ups and downs… it means being present for your life.

Exercise: Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly each time. Describe this present moment… find the perfection in it… Notice how you feel as you bring yourself present.

Love and Blessings,


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL. Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Sheri is a Life, Executive, and Small Biz Coach. She is a bestselling, transformational Amazon and Barnes & Noble Author. Sheri knows what it takes to go from tragedy to triumph as she discovered her brother after his suicide death as a teenager and, then, struggled for years with sadness and depression. Eventually, she found her way back to both success and joy. Sheri brings wisdom from her over 20 year career in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training and development to you. She is a leadership expert, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. The essence of her coaching approach is transformational, intuitive, spiritual, inspirational, energy boosting, and action oriented. She teaches, collaborates, partners, mentors, and inspires others to ignite inspiration, creativity, happiness, and success every day.

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“I walked into my dream!”

This Week’s #WOW is Regina Reiter is a forgiveness expert and She helps woman choose a path to access their dream. A specialty is helping women over 50 accomplish their dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. The timing of this interview is perfect as my big brother has just embarked on his own pilgrimage walking the camino de santiago from the south of France and traveling the breadth of Northern Spain. In life our memories and emotions often weave together and become tightly bound waiting for an opportunity to be released. What Regina offers is a pure gift of goodness to help release those tightly bound emotions of hurt and pain from our past.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; meanwhile you are the one getting burned.Buddha

Tell me a little about you, your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? First of all, thanks for your interest in me and Forgiveness Walks.  It’s my pleasure to share this with you!

I’m 58 years young, and just beginning my new lifestyle. I call it “hiking lifestyle”. My former lifestyle was based on my role as mom at home for three wonderful adult sons, all born at home and homeschooled. That lifestyle ended five years ago, when I discovered that when I’m hiking on trails, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. Now, I’m making a transition to being out on trails where I can stay out for months at a time, immersing my senses in Nature and walking in service to others.  Since turning 50, I’ve walked over 5,000 miles on long distance hiking trails like the Appalachian Trail. I’m also passionate about sharing the amazing, practical tools of Radical Forgiveness to create a joyful world filled with people who love fearlessly.

So tell me about your business, who is Forgiveness Walks all about?  Forgiveness Walks is all about women over 50 who have selflessly and tirelessly supported others for decades and who yearn to fulfill their own adventurous dream, whether it’s close to home or on distant paths.  They feel exhausted and emptied, even resentful of the very people they have always served with love. They yearn to walk, to walk in Nature for rejuvenation to their core. They long to retune their heartstrings and express their buried joy, to reawaken their generous hearts with fearless self-love. When they do, they Continue reading

Getting Your Sexy On In and Out Of The Bedroom

This week’s #WOW is the Gorgeous Allison Braun, The Bedroom Joyologist. I have been wanting to feature Allison since I first started this series of Interviews way back at the beginning of the year and she was one of the first women I asked as I love what she does. So we finally got our schedules synched and am so happy to be able to share her wisdom with you all. She empowers women to get their sexy on in and out of the bedroom.

Allison Braun AKA The bedroom JoyologistTell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?
Well, I am 27 years old and spend the majority of my time learning, hanging out with my
husband (just got married last year), masterminding and brainstorming with other
like-minded women while eating and drinking delicious things, reading, spending time outdoors (especially around water), and talking with pretty much anyone about sexuality, relationships, and business.

I like to keep a lot of free time, but I find as an entrepreneur that I enjoy working too much!

I am very passionate about creating a safe space for women to connect, share, and be them sexuality and all!

So tell me about your business, what is Allison Braun – The Bedroom Joyologist all about?
I help women (often with a conservative or religious background) let go of sexual suppression and guilt so they can start living fully expressed – sexuality and all both in and out of the bedroom. Once they start being Continue reading

Fall In Love With Your Life

This week’s #WOW is the stunning Christine Long from Scattering Stars. I first came across Christine from a Youtube Video I watched, her energy, beauty and message really resonated with me. We are both members of a Leonie Dawson goddess circle so I’ve gotten to know her better. She’s so generous with her wisdom and speaks from experience. Living her life’s purpose, sharing her gifts and her beautiful artistic creations. In this interview she speaks openly about her journey and shares her inspiration.

Tell me a little about you, your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?

I’m an artist/writer and “new perspective” coach, engaged to my ideal mate, living in a rose- and ivy-strewn 1953 house in Covedale, Ohio. I have 3 daughters (2 still at home), 3 cute grandkids and a very zen cat named Mackers.

I’m passionate about inspiring women to build self-qualities and co-create their very own ideal life, their way!

You actually have everything you’ll need, already inside you ~ I just offer tools and guidance that can help open all that up within, and let it light up your life!

You really can do it, and I know you can do it, and helping you realize that is what I’m passionate about.

So tell me about your business, what is Scattering Stars all about? 

My business, Scattering Stars, is a fusion of my clarity and each client’s unique vision for how they want their own life to look like.

Maybe she just wants to see herself and her life in a new, more fun, more limitless, exciting way.

Maybe she wants to Continue reading

Dreams Are Messages From Your Soul

Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes they are so good we just don’t want to wake up. How about your secret dreams and ambitions. You have to wake up to turn them into reality. When I work with my clients, one of the first things we do is tap into those long forgotten dreams. Do some excavation into their passions, what lights them up. Bringing that passion into your life , listening to that inner voice that is your soul whispering your purpose which leads to more happiness and fulfillment.
Some Tips On Waking Up and Turning Those Dreams Into Reality……

If you haven’t discovered your purpose yet or are unsure how to make it align with your life, try this simple exercise – grab a piece of paper

On your paper create two columns, in the first column list your skills– things you are good at and enjoy (  maybe you are good at organizing events , put it down – if its something you don’t enjoy leave it off the list.)

In the second column list issues or causes that you truly care about,  that you are passionate about.

List as many as you can in both column, once your finished pick your top 3 from both lists and your gifts will be revealed. Your Gifts lead to your purpose, as you breathe into them, you get clarity and your dreams gain strength and the steps you need to take appear.

Surround yourself with those who lift you up , trust your inner voice and spend time with like minded people.

If you are Overwhelmed with your vision and struggling to share your gifts grab my Guide to put some support in place Get It HERE

3 Tips for Maximising Your Inner Resources

  1. Do you more of what you enjoy. Spend more time doing things you LOVE doing. Is there some pass time you always loved doing but find you no longer give yourself the time to do or you’ve fallen out of the habit. Get back in the habit and do it this week. So What will you do – Share in the comments Accountability
  2. Be aware of what you are taking in, both visually and what you are listening to . Don’t watch the news –  Be selective with what you read or watch on TV, only watch and listen to things that raise your vibration to where you want to be. If you watch depressing soaps and TV Show’s like Jeremy Vile , absorbing all that depressing stuff makes you depressed. Choose programs and books that enrich your life , you learn something from. Watch inspirational shows of amazing people.
  3. Who are you drawn to help? What causes/issues are close to your heart? What can you do to make a difference ? Volunteer , raise some money for them . Be creative . Having lots interests and broadening your experiences leads to a richer more fulffilling life and helps grow your business and make new connections and its Fun.

To get the top 50 Business Building Resources Go Here


Make Your Dreams Work For You

This week’s gorgeous  #WOW is Spiritual Guidance Expert Karina Ladet who helps others open up their communication with their spirit guides,  I first connected with Karina via a Goddess circle we are both part of, I watched one of her Youtube videos and was really draw to her authentic nature. Her warmth and kindness came across so clearly and her gifts which she channels, help so many overcome blocks and challenges in their lives to truly step into their highest power.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?
My name is Karina Ladet and I am an Intuitive reader, a mother of two young children, a wife to my amazing French husband and much more. I truly feel like a world citizen and have traveled all my life. I was born in Cuba, my mother is Romanian and my father Swedish and I have lived in Canada, Japan, England and now in France.

I am passionate about meeting people and communications. I have a Masters degree in Communications and in my “old” life I was a Marketing manager at an international company. I love connecting with people and I love helping others to grow and be happier.

When I met my husband 11 years ago I longed for a different life. We left Sweden together and first moved to Paris and then to the South of France. We now live in a small village surrounded by beautiful mountains and olive trees. My life today is my Dream Life! I really enjoy my simple everyday life and at the same time I am so lucky to have my Dream Job, doing intuitive readings and running workshops and e-courses teaching others how to communicate with their spirit guides. I work with people from all over the world and I love spreading Love and Faith wherever I go.

I am also passionate about taking good care of Nature, eating healthy and organic food and being a conscious and compassionate human being. I believe that what all have a role to play in creating the world we want for ourselves and our children.

So tell me about your business, what is it all about?
My business is my Dream Work! I started writing a blog in Swedish about two years ago and last year I also started an English blog. I love writing in Swedish and connecting with other Swedes but my English blog has opened up the world to me. I offer Intuitive reading where I open up to my spirit guides and transmit their messages to amazing souls all over the world. I do readings by e-mail, Skype and on the phone and I also run an e-course called Communicate with your Spirit Guide, starting on August 19th. I love doing readings but I also feel very passionate about teaching others how to communicate directly with their guides. It’s so empowering and beautiful to connect with them and it has really transformed my life in incredible ways.

A couple of months ago I started Continue reading

Empowered By India to Unlock Your Inner Freedom

When you are challenged to re-think how your life will work out oftentimes the choice becomes so overwhelming you start doubting yourself and your abilities to create the life you want and deserve. What Shanthi’s story illustrates is how its possible despite huge challenges like leaving your support network behind, making difficult decisions which in the short term are quite painful.  Listening to your heart and trusting your intuition as Shanthi did will allow you to step into who you were born to be and shine the light on your purposeful path.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? My name Shanthi means “peace”. I was named so by my late father who was my ideal, my role model and my Guru. I was born & raised in India, which is the spiritual leader of the world.

In my early teens I was introduced to spirituality, Yoga philosophy and training in Indian classical dance.

Though I completed my degree in Engineering securing first rank in my university, my father envisioned that I would be a better teacher than an engineer. He was so right…

I taught in an Engineering college for some time, then worked in software, then came to USA for another software job. But now, I am in my own business.

I come from a lineage of Enlightened saints and Gurus. I have mastered the ancient, time-tested holistic  tools from a young age and have applied these teachings in my own life when I came to USA 16 years back as a single mom with my 1 ½ year old daughter.


I lead a simple and holistic lifestyle and I only teach what I practice.

I love hiking, camping, dancing, chanting, speaking in Sanskrit, cooking, travelling and teaching.

I am passionate about sharing the ancient Indian wisdom, handed down to me in pristine pure form with people of all ages.

I am also passionate about Continue reading

Is that G word getting in the way of your goals?

Is that G word getting in the way of your goals?
Where ever your guilt originates from, finding the root cause will help you uncover the reasons behind your self sabotaging methods which will effect every area of your life including reaching your goals.

You see all our memories , thoughts, feelings and emotions get all bundled up together, our conscious mind stores  all these like for like experiences together to save us the hassle of processing them. If you can imagine your brain like a huge storage unit and every time we expereince an emotion, feeling or thought that will be stored as memory in our storage facility.

So Guilt will have its own designated area, lets make it a green area where everything we experience and associate with guilt will trigger all those memories to come to the fore. I always think of my brain activity as loads of little men being called to atttention- “Come on lads, we need reinforcements, this is a case of severe guilt were dealing with” I’m guilty of using blue to highlight the colour green a moment ago and that would of triggered a response in your brain to acknowledge that. This happens instantaneus so usually you won’t notice unless you have awareness of your thought patterns.

So once the guilt trigger is activated, it could just be over a minor thing, the guilt section of your brain storage unit  gets flooded with all the memories associated with guilt, providing you with more “evidence” and “proof” why you should feel guilty. This happens with every single emotion we feel. First we have a thought then we experience a feeling then the full emotion. For a thought to turn into a feeling we must hold that  same thought for a while, then we begin feeling it . Once we feel it and hold onto that feeling it causes an emotional response in our bodies. think butterflies in your stomach, your face or neck going red,  for some people the colour drains from them, a headache – thes are the physical indicators of an emotional response.

3 clues that guilt is running your life

  1. Every time you find yourself reaching the next level of success a major life experience occurs to stop you progressing e.g illness, pregnancy, broken bones or injury
  2. Major Mummy Guilt – when you are working you feel guilty , when you are not you feel guilty
  3. Whenever you do or get something for yourself you need to justify it to yourself first

Benefits of Guilt 

  • Guilt works best to help us grow and mature when our behavior has been offensive or hurtful to others or ourselves.
  • Healthy guilt is telling us we need to do something different in order to repair relationships that are important to us
  • The feeling of guilt is trying to get our attention so that we can learn something from the experience. If we learn from our behavior, we’ll be less likely to do it again in the future.

How to change state from a negative to a more positive emotion
You just need to replace the thought with a slightly better one. If you think of your thoughts on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst you can feel) If you are feeling a 10 ( really strong negative emotion, like guilt for no reason) replace it with a feeling of 9 ( still feels bad but not as bad) then carry on replacing the thought until you’re neutral then make yourself a cup of tea and it’ll all be alright.