How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Without The Overwhelm

As a business owner it is usually from your efforts alone that income is generated but what happens if you are sick, go on holiday does the money Stop!

For anyone who values financial security and ultimately desires financial freedom, creating at least one additional stream of income is no longer a luxury.

It has become a necessity.

Join us on April 26 to learn How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Without The Overwhelm

During this live TweetChat, we’ll cover:

• How to replicate or duplicate your services so you earn more for the same effort
• The different types of income streams you can add to your existing business
• How to tap into the hidden source of lucrative income making opportunities

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5 Top Tips For Business Blogging

Creating A money making blog

Ways to make money with your blog

  1. Treat Each of Your Articles as a Product – something that someone wants.  When you begin looking at your content and the posts you create as being of such high value that people would pay for it. Just by thinking this way will immediately change the quality of your posts. This leads to higher engagement and followers. Which you can then convert to paying clients, since they use your content to make sure you’re the expert they’re looking for.

  2. When you use your own images and video in your blog, This leads to enhanced SEO ( do this by optimizing your images with keywords and phrases & save them under keyword rich names)  others could link to your original article and you could get more exposure if your images are linked and used elsewhere. Like a spider web the more sites linked to yours, specifically high traffic sites the better your alexa ranking will be and the more opportunity you have to be found in web searches.

  3. Do interviews and invite guest bloggers to create posts for you. I’ve used this very effectively as I interview business experts monthly in my #WOW series which not only creates fresh content, it is also keyword rich and bring tons of extra traffic from the interviewees sharing the posts with their audience and gives my clients and audience  a fresh perspective. It also provides me with future guest blogging opportunities.

  4. Skip the promotion in your blogs – people read blogs to be educated , to learn something , to get an answer to their questions and give them useful tips they can implement straight away. Its a gift you’re giving you don’t want to give a crappy one and leave people feeling short changed ( robbing their time)

  5. Encourage community on your blog by responding to comments and interacting with your readers. Business blogging is a vital piece of your overall marketing strategy and builds your tribe.

3 Tips for Maximising Your Inner Resources

  1. Do you more of what you enjoy. Spend more time doing things you LOVE doing. Is there some pass time you always loved doing but find you no longer give yourself the time to do or you’ve fallen out of the habit. Get back in the habit and do it this week. So What will you do – Share in the comments Accountability
  2. Be aware of what you are taking in, both visually and what you are listening to . Don’t watch the news –  Be selective with what you read or watch on TV, only watch and listen to things that raise your vibration to where you want to be. If you watch depressing soaps and TV Show’s like Jeremy Vile , absorbing all that depressing stuff makes you depressed. Choose programs and books that enrich your life , you learn something from. Watch inspirational shows of amazing people.
  3. Who are you drawn to help? What causes/issues are close to your heart? What can you do to make a difference ? Volunteer , raise some money for them . Be creative . Having lots interests and broadening your experiences leads to a richer more fulffilling life and helps grow your business and make new connections and its Fun.

To get the top 50 Business Building Resources Go Here


Cooking Up A Successful Business

This week’s #WOW will have you salivating and proves you can create a successful business from following your passions, using your experience and gifts and also serve your Community. Food is at the heart of every culture , where we come together to share our day and nourish not just our bellies but our soul. I grew up in Ireland so its usual the minute you step into anyone’s home the table is laden with a feast whether they have the food to share or not. I have one auntie in particular and within seconds of arriving unannounced the table would be set brimming with everything you could imagine. Keena’s Mission Statement is to promote healing in our community by bringing people to the table of life and sharing the art form of holistic culinary expression.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? I am focusing a lot on just being right now; and what I mean by that is that I wasn’t really allowed to just “be” for a long time in my youth as well as early adulthood–so I am practicing it now. It has me coming into my own and it feels really good to be who I want to be; not what others expect of me. I am creating the reality I want for myself.

Currently, I live a pretty simple and happy life. I made the decision to stop working a regular job an do what I love. The money isn’t great right now but I had to make a conscious choice between my health and happiness vs. money linked to a stressful dead-end job causing me health problems.

I am passionate about culture, and moreover food as it relates to culture. Not only cooking and eating it, but learning all about its origins, the benefits of the natural cycles of it–from the ground to the plate and from the mother to (humane) slaughter. I want to be able to tell a story with my dishes; the story of a small village in Africa or an American ghetto, where food is scarce. The story of a family that sits together and shares intimate details over a home cooked meal. This is what makes it exciting.

So tell me about your business, who is Keena’s Kitchen all about? Chef Ikeena of Keena’s Kitchen is all about educating diners about their choices and providing a heart centered service true her own cultural heritage. “Southern hospitality”, “Putting a little love in it”, “Putting a foot in it”–all of these are true for me and reflect where I come from and how we show our love to people–by feeding them. It is where we reveal ourselves. Continue reading

Make Your Dreams Work For You

This week’s gorgeous  #WOW is Spiritual Guidance Expert Karina Ladet who helps others open up their communication with their spirit guides,  I first connected with Karina via a Goddess circle we are both part of, I watched one of her Youtube videos and was really draw to her authentic nature. Her warmth and kindness came across so clearly and her gifts which she channels, help so many overcome blocks and challenges in their lives to truly step into their highest power.

Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about?
My name is Karina Ladet and I am an Intuitive reader, a mother of two young children, a wife to my amazing French husband and much more. I truly feel like a world citizen and have traveled all my life. I was born in Cuba, my mother is Romanian and my father Swedish and I have lived in Canada, Japan, England and now in France.

I am passionate about meeting people and communications. I have a Masters degree in Communications and in my “old” life I was a Marketing manager at an international company. I love connecting with people and I love helping others to grow and be happier.

When I met my husband 11 years ago I longed for a different life. We left Sweden together and first moved to Paris and then to the South of France. We now live in a small village surrounded by beautiful mountains and olive trees. My life today is my Dream Life! I really enjoy my simple everyday life and at the same time I am so lucky to have my Dream Job, doing intuitive readings and running workshops and e-courses teaching others how to communicate with their spirit guides. I work with people from all over the world and I love spreading Love and Faith wherever I go.

I am also passionate about taking good care of Nature, eating healthy and organic food and being a conscious and compassionate human being. I believe that what all have a role to play in creating the world we want for ourselves and our children.

So tell me about your business, what is it all about?
My business is my Dream Work! I started writing a blog in Swedish about two years ago and last year I also started an English blog. I love writing in Swedish and connecting with other Swedes but my English blog has opened up the world to me. I offer Intuitive reading where I open up to my spirit guides and transmit their messages to amazing souls all over the world. I do readings by e-mail, Skype and on the phone and I also run an e-course called Communicate with your Spirit Guide, starting on August 19th. I love doing readings but I also feel very passionate about teaching others how to communicate directly with their guides. It’s so empowering and beautiful to connect with them and it has really transformed my life in incredible ways.

A couple of months ago I started Continue reading

Is Your Personal Transition Guidance system in place?

This week’s  #WOW is PeggyLee Hanson from Personal Transition Guidance, I have PeggyLee to thank when recently I was in a state of overwhelm. I had taken on more than I could handle work wise.  Both my children were ill with a gastro virus, no sleep, S%$T hitting the fan kinda week. I didn’t want to let anyone down. You may have experienced this yourself at some stage. What PeggyLee did for me was she gave me permission to let some of it go. When I listened to a tele seminar that PeggyLee delivered at the time, the wisdom of her words resonated with me at a deep level. There is a lot of noise out there but once in a while you come across real diamonds and that sums up PeggyLee Hanson. What she teaches comes from a deep soul level of knowledge and her guidance is honest, heartfelt and resonates deep into your heart. Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? At this writing I’ve been married soon to be 33 years. I have three grown children; my oldest (girl) and youngest (of two boys) are married, and will soon be a first time grandmother, perhaps on my birthday this July. I love music, reading, writing, speaking, animals, games, sports, and people watching. I am passionate about family and friendships, and in reality all relationships. I am also passionate about supporting those who have a dream and helping them achieve it.

So tell me about your business, what is Personal Transition Guidance all about? The transition piece came about when I lost my corporate position with a major airline. Many corporate employees, mainly women in their mid-fifties are often the recipients of the “pink slip.” Months after my own pink parting piece of paper was received, I realized I was Continue reading


I am very pleased to be interviewing this weeks #WOW Stacy Mobley as I’ve learned so much from reading her replies and no doubt you will too, I have to admit, growing up in the country surrounded by farms, with both sets of grandparents living off the land and having cows, chickens you name it. I used to hold the belief that people who didn’t drink milk or have any dairy product were just neurotic. For me dairy works for my body.

It wasn’t until my nephew was born and he suffered from extreme eczema, where my sister had to cover him head to toe in emollient and special bandages. The daily routine of keeping his skin calm was very difficult and he was in so much pain, bless him ( sweetest kid you’d ever meet as never once did he complain). There wasn’t very much known about dairy intolerance at that time, so of course it was quiet a battle for her to get any information to ease his suffering or just to feed him and meet his nutritional needs.

Having a dairy free diet was much more difficult then as almost everything contained either egg or milk. When I had my own son several years later and once I switched from breast to cows milk, he also started experiencing severe pain, he didn’t have the skin outbreaks. He would just cripple up in pain with his stomach where he’s body just totally rejected the milk. Needless to say my beliefs were well and truly changed as with anyone with a food allergy will tell you its quiet challenging so having someone like Stacy guide you along is such a blessing.

Tell me a little about you, your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? My name is Stacy Mobley, a 4th year Naturopathic Medical Student who loves to travel, medicine and health, learn new things and teach.  I’m a Georgia Peach baking in the desert.    I believe that an empowered individual is a productive and powerful light in this world.  We are all created for a reason with a purpose, never second guess this.

I am passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs stay vibrant, energetic, healthy, clear minded and ready to impact the world in a big way.  I do this by providing support and accountability to claiming health on your terms.

In the coming months, I will begin accepting new patients in my medical practice.  It will not be your typical doctor’s visit, prepare to be educated, challenged, and excel in your life on your terms!

Use the information below to stay connected and learn more! 

Twitter: @dairyfreenow


So tell me about your business, who is DairyFreeNow all about? is a business dedicated to educating and supporting individuals who want to learn about going dairy -free for any period of time.  I provide support via accountability, information, and FAQ related to going dairy free.  The principles can be applied to any almost any food allergy.

I started my business to share what I have learned from a medical standpoint as well as Continue reading

Dream One World to make that difference

I have the great pleasure of interviewing this week’s #WOW Kathy Ozzard Chism, Founder and Director of Dream One World, an all volunteer nonprofit organisation. We all have a dream to make a difference in the world, which we all do in our own unique way.

When you read Kathy’s Journey you’ll see how every experience lead her to her life’s purpose. Sometimes it can feel like what we are doing isn’t worthwhile or creating a difference. Its only when you Stop and Notice how far you’ve come that you realise how each step along the way was exactly the ones you needed to take.

Tell me a little about you, your lifestyle, and what you are passionate about? Well, my resume from past to present looks a little crazy, as it includes flight attendant, 4th grade teacher, interior architect and designer, massage therapist and instructor, holistic wellness educator, website designer, writer, editor, sales manager, meeting planner, calligrapher, model, actress, and voiceover artist… yet these have all been integral in the weaving of becoming the founder and director of the global all-volunteer nonprofit Dream One World. 

I have been a vegetarian since age 16, and a few years ago became a vegan. Today, at 55, I am happily ensconced in Northern California with a wonderful husband, two furry rescue children, and a connection to global healing I never imagined during all those shifts in careers.  Thanks to Dream One World and a few beloved sages who entered my life as on-earth guides, I am following my heart and dreams and speaking my truth in BIG ways… and encourage others to do the same.

For example, along with Dream One World, a few weeks before the Occupy Wall Street movement started, I was guided to create a new political party for America, and ultimately, the world… called the Love and Peace Party.  The website just flowed through me, so I put it out there and made a Facebook page for it. Ten or twenty years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this had the vision appeared then – yet now, there is no way for me to keep such things inside. 

( and

I am deeply passionate about health and healing on every level. I encourage everyone to honor their bodies by feeding them healthy, organic food and pure water, to spread love everywhere they go, and to shine his or her light as guided by one’s own heart.  I am eternally grateful to the Internet for connecting us all, making all our lights shine even brighter.

Tell me about your nonprofit.  What is Dream One World all about?We help people, places and animals that have difficulty finding help elsewhere.  DOW has a “Pay It Forward” concept – those we help bring us others to help and become part of their journey – which has literally taken us all over the world. 

We are all volunteers, and we all have other jobs.  We do this simply for LOVE.  We are non-denominational, we have no political agendas, we believe Continue reading

Nurturing the feminine within with Jennifer L Shelton

Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Shelton who’s an astrologer, editor and chief writer for the virtual institute of women. I regulary read my horoscopes and being on the cusp of two star signs usually, it differs depending on where I’m reading it, so I tend to read both and go with the one which sounds best.  I no longer have this issue since signing up for Jennifer’s North node weekly email program which simply shows the general area that I have to develop , which is much more accurate and specific to me . The opposite point, the South Node, shows the place where I feel comfortable.

Nurturing the feminine within, to improve the lives of women without.
Tell me a little about you , your lifestyle and what you are passionate about? I’m the founder of FemCentral, where I work as editor, writer, and webmaster. I am an astrologer and teach undergraduate, online classes in global cultures for Franklin University in Ohio, USA. I’m also researching a biography of one of the American suffragists. Most importantly, I’m a mom. That pretty much accounts for all my time!

So tell me about your business, what is  Femcentral all about ? FemCentral is a website dedicated to bringing back the natural balance between the feminine and the masculine, the Yin and the Yang. It has evolved from being mostly a resource site to a place where women (and men) gather to explore and change our collective consciousness about the Feminine.

I focus on a theme or topic per week, going deep on a topic, exploring it from many angles and providing suggestions and guidance for exploring it in your personal life. I feature excerpts from books, meditations, personal experiences, guest experts, and writing exercises. We engage in discussions both in the comment fields of the posts and on the FemCentral facebook page.

There are several content experts who write columns for FemCentral, and their posts appear on Sundays. Some have regular monthly columns and others post every 2-3 months.

Writing promptsgive the FemCentral community the opportunity to use the powerful tool of “free writing” to explore, and expose, personal beliefs and share them collectively. I feature one prompt per month and towards the end of each month, post all the responses as submitted to me.

I also welcome, and frequently feature, content experts who wish to guest blog on a topic or theme (one post or a full week). If interested, please contact me at

To highlight female role models, every Thursday is Woman of the Week, where I feature an “undeservedly obscure” contemporary or historic female.

A few years ago, I unexpectedly discovered a gift for astrology. Highly skeptical at first, I have come to embrace the perspective the Zodiac provides. Most Fridays are AstroFriday, where I approach the week’s theme from the viewpoint of astrology. (For instance, when I spent a week on the topic of “fear,” AstroFriday was about the planet Saturn, which indicates, in your birthchart, what you fear the most.) I also provide individualized astrological services in the form of chart readings, birthday readings, intuitive coaching and a “life purpose” email subscription service.

What lead you to making the decision of creating your own business? In early August of 2009, I was laid off from my job as the Manager of Education and Outreach for a research institute at a local university. On August 23, 2009, I saw the cover of the New York Times Magazine – Why Women’s Rights are the Issue of Our Time. I have a long time interest in human rights and decided this lay-off was the perfect opportunity to match my professional skills with my passion. I launched FemCentral in January, 2010.

What did/do you find to be the most challenging part of your business?  Growing pains. I am ecstatic that FemCentral is growing but I am currently adjusting from being a solo-preneur to someone who absolutely needs assistance and learning that I don’t have to do everything by myself.

What have you learned about yourself during the process of setting up your business? That it is possible to follow your dreams and be successful!

What advice would you give someone considering starting their own business?Know yourself well. Know what you like, what you don’t like, what you are good at. Don’t go into it just for the money. It could take a while before that starts coming in. You need passion to keep you going. But, if you have that passion, you will be successful. Also, don’t be too rigid about what you are doing. Follow the growth, even if that leads to change.

(Also, if you are starting a web-based business, I recommend reading Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk.)

What products and services do you provide ? (covered above)

What is the greatest success story for your business? FemCentral started with a handful of readers, just my friends and a few families. Two years late, it gets over 10,000 views per month and is attracting sponsors. All of this from my consistent hard work and social networking!